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Share your PLoS Photos

PLoS has grown since we began publishing in 2003. Back in those early days, the PLoS office consisted of 5 employees and a wine bottle (our office is, after all, close to wine country). Today, not only has the number of PLoS staff increased significantly (still only 50 people publishing 7 journals), but the broader PLoS community of editorial board members, authors, readers, reviewers, and other fans now extends to areas of the world that I can only dream of visiting.

This growing family makes it much more difficult to know everyone individually. To ease this problem, we’ve devised a way to literally put a face to the greater PLoS community. We have set up a PLoS Group in Flickr – a website that allows users to post, organize, and share their photos online.

If any of you have a photo of you in a PLoS shirt, or even just one of you doing what you do best – whatever that may be – please send it to our group to show your support.

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Login to Flickr. If you don’t already have an account, registration is free and those with a Yahoo! email can simply use your account login.
  2. Join the PLoS Group.
  3. Upload your picture.
  4. Choose your license. We prefer the Creative Commons Attribution License (CCAL).
  5. Tag your photos. This is a way to file your photos. We suggest using the tags “plos” and “iloveplos”
  6. Send to the PLoS Group. The easiest way to do this is to click on the second icon directly above the picture. This will open a little window listing all the groups to which you belong. Simply click on PLoS.

Voilà! You’re done. Now take a moment to browse the group photostream (there are some embarrassing photos of PLoS staffers) and remember, you can upload images of your work too. We encourage you to upload figures and images from your research so that the world can appreciate the beauty of science. (No need to ask permission, PLoS authors own their work. Just be sure to denote the CCAL and cite the source.)

By the way – although the wine bottle has been replaced many times over, Wi-Fri, or Wine Friday, remains a tradition. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever plan to be in San Francisco on a Friday afternoon, you’d be welcome to join us. We’ll toast to you.



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