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Epigenetics 2010 – a new collection from the PLoS journals

We’re delighted to announce Epigenetics 2010, a collection that brings together 20 Research Articles in the area of Epigenetics published during 2010, along with a Research in Translation article and two Primers. The research reflects a range of model systems and organisms, and variously offer phenotypic, mechanistic, and chromatin-based insights. We have also created an online magazine style version of this collection which is nice for browsing the PDFs.

This collection was produced with support from New England Biolabs who have a specialized interest in this field. The PLoS journal editors have sole responsibility for the content of this collection. Here’s what NEB said about the launch of this collection:   “Epigenetics is one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving areas of research in the life sciences”, said Dr. Sriharsa Pradhan, Head of the RNA Biology Division at New England Biolabs. “We are pleased to support PLoS, and to be able to provide researchers with open access to epigenetics-related content”. NEB are long term supporters of PLoS and Open Access (OA) – we are delighted that their Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Richard Roberts, serves on the PLoS Biology editorial board. View a webcast from him about why OA matters recorded for Open Access Day 2008.

Please feel free to share this collection with colleagues–our open-access model of publishing makes it possible to have such a large multidisciplinary cross-journal collection simultaneously available online for unrestricted reuse.

Epigenetic Epidemiology of Common Complex Disease: Prospects for Prediction, Prevention, and Treatment. CL Relton, G Davey Smith (Research in Translation)

Centromeres Convert but Don’t Cross PB Talbert, S Henikoff (Primer)

Genomic Responses to Abnormal Gene Dosage: The X Chromosome Improved on a Common Strategy X Deng, CM Disteche (Primer)

Research Articles:

Spatial Epigenetic Control of Mono- and Bistable Gene Expression JZ Kelemen, P Ratna, S Scherrer, A Becskei

Widespread Gene Conversion in Centromere Cores J Shi, SE Wolf, JM Burke, GG Presting, J Ross-Ibarra, RK Dawe

Expression in Aneuploid Drosophila S2 Cells Y Zhang, JH Malone, SK Powell, V Periwal, E Spana, DM MacAlpine, B Oliver

2-D Structure of the A Region of Xist RNA and Its Implication for PRC2 Association S Maenner, M Blaud, L Fouillen, A Savoye, V Marchand, A Dubois, S Sanglier-Cianférani, A Van Dorsselaer, P Clerc, P Avner, A Visvikis, C Branlant

Poised Transcription Factories Prime Silent uPA Gene Prior to Activation C Ferrai, SQ Xie, P Luraghi, D Munari, F Ramirez, MR Branco, A Pombo, MP Crippa

Computational Analysis of Whole-Genome Differential Allelic Expression Data in Human JR Wagner, B Ge, D Pokholok, KL Gunderson, T Pastinen, M Blanchette

Altering a Histone H3K4 Methylation Pathway in Glomerular Podocytes Promotes a Chronic Disease Phenotype GR Dressler, G Lefevre , S Patel , D Kim , L Tessarollo

The IG-DMR and the MEG3-DMR at Human Chromosome 14q32.2: Hierarchical Interaction and Distinct Functional Properties as Imprinting Control Centers M Kagami, MJ O’Sullivan, AJ Green, Y Watabe, O Arisaka, N Masawa, K Matsuoka, M Fukami, K Matsubara, F Kato, AC Ferguson-Smith, T Ogata

siRNA-Mediated Methylation of Arabidopsis Telomeres J Vrbsky, S Akimcheva, JM Watson, TL Turner, L Daxinger, B Vyskot, W Aufsatz, K Riha

Initial Genomics of the Human Nucleolus A Németh, A Conesa, J Santoyo-Lopez, I Medina, D Montaner, B Péterfia, I Solovei, T Cremer, J Dopazo, G Längst

Nuclear Pore Proteins Nup153 and Megator Define Transcriptionally Active Regions in the Drosophila Genome JM Vaquerizas, R Suyama, J Kind, K Miura, NM Luscombe, A Akhtar

Maternal Ethanol Consumption Alters the Epigenotype and the Phenotype of Offspring in a Mouse Model N Kaminen-Ahola, A Ahola, M Maga, K-A Mallitt, P Fahey, TC Cox, E Whitelaw, S Chong

Epigenetic Analysis of KSHV Latent and Lytic Genome Z Toth, DT Maglinte, SH Lee, H-R Lee, L-Y Wong, KF Brulois, S Lee, JD Buckley, PW Laird, VE Marquez, JU Jung

The Epigenetic Landscape of Latent Kaposi Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Genomes T Günther, A Grundhoff

A New Nuclear Function of the Entamoeba histolytica Glycolytic Enzyme Enolase: The Metabolic Regulation of Cytosine-5 Methyltransferase 2 (Dnmt2) Activity A Tovy, R Siman Tov, R Gaentzsch, M Helm, S Ankri

Epigenetic Variation in Mangrove Plants Occurring in Contrasting Natural Environment CF Lira-Medeiros, C Parisod, RA Fernandes, CS Mata, MA Cardoso, PCG Ferreira

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Displays Distinct DNA Methylation Signatures with Potential as Clinical Predictors H Hernandez-Vargas, M-P Lambert, F Le Calvez-Kelm, G Gouysse, S McKay-Chopin, SV Tavtigian, J-Y Scoazec, Z Herceg

Whole Methylome Analysis by Ultra-Deep Sequencing Using Two-Base Encoding CA Bormann Chung, VL Boyd, KJ McKernan, Y Fu, C Monighetti, HE Peckham, M Barker

Role for DNA Methylation in the Regulation of miR-200c and miR-141 Expression in Normal and Cancer Cells L Vrba, TJ Jensen, JC Garbe, RL Heimark, AE Cress, S Dickinson, MR Stampfer, BW Futscher

Differential DNA Methylation Correlates with Differential Expression of Angiogenic Factors in Human Heart Failure M Movassagh, M-K Choy, M Goddard, MR Bennett, TA Down, RS-Y Foo

If you would like to see your research included in a PLoS Collection, please submit it to a PLoS journal.

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