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Nominate a neurodegenerative disease paper for the PLOS Neuroscience Collection — Get a PLOS Neuro t-shirt!

The PLOS Neuroscience Collection, highlighting the most most influential brain research that has been
published in *PLOS ONE*, *PLOS Biology* and *PLOS Computational Biology* over the past four years, is about to grow to include a category devoted to neurodegenerative disease research, and we need your help to find the best papers for the expanded collection.

Current selections fall into the categories of *Cognitive Neuroscience* and *Brain Mapping Methods,” with each arranged into sections such as Memory, Social Cognition, Human Electrophysiology and pm_Nobel_RatRunningPathConnectomics.

Considering the significant and growing impact of research on neurodegenerative disease, we are adding the new category to broadly cover all topics relating to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, to name just a few. To launch this category, we need your help identifying the most important and influential papers that advance our understanding of neurodegenerative disease mechanisms, outcomes or therapeutic approaches.

So, if you come across a *PLOS* paper (as an Editorial Board member, peer reviewer, or reader) which you feel meets these criteria and deserves be featured in this Neurodegenerative Disease section, we want to hear from you! And by all means if you’ve published a related paper with PLOS, please let us know.

To show our thanks, we’ll send anyone who nominates an accepted paper one of our popular PLOS Neuro t-shirts (usually only available at SfN!).

Then we’ll bring USBs loaded with all these new papers to upcoming conferences where PLOS will be an exhibitor. This year, that includes FENS 2016 in Copenhagen, and SfN16 in San Diego.

We hope you’ll help us curate this important new category of neuroscience research. Email your nominated paper(s) to us at or leave its title and lead author in the comments section below. THANKS!


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