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New Features coming to the PLOS Paleo Community!

It’s been over eight months since we’ve begun the PLOS Paleo Community website in its current form, with Jon, Andy, and me finding our strides in terms of bringing you the latest in research from PLOS and other sources. Now that we’re getting out of our inaugural stretch, the editors here at the PLOS Paleo Community want to make this site an even better source for paleo news and tools for you, our community and readers.

After receiving feedback from our wonderful community (and thank you so much to those of you who provided your feedback in the PLOS Blogs survey that took place in January and February!), we are working to implement a few new features to make this community site an even better resource for you!

From the Community

The top requested addition to our site as per the PLOS Blogs Survey was to feature “news from other sites in my field.” So something that we are implementing is a “From the Community” feature, where the editors of PLOS Paleo (Andy, Jon, and myself) will occasionally select and feature blog posts from other blogs and sites.

What this means is that if we find blog posts from other sites that we feel should reach a broader audience in the paleontology community, we will “feature” a preview of the blog on the PLOS Paleo Community Site, with a link leading to the original blog post. This will be an occasional feature, and we will do our best to select and curate posts that are insightful and useful for the community.

If you have a blog, and you want to make sure it is on our radar for this purpose, please email us as Likewise, if you read a blog or blog post, and want it to reach our community at PLOS Paleo, email us and provide the information regarding the blog or blog posts. You can also bring it to our attention via Twitter, by tagging us @PLOSPaleo in your tweet!

Guest blogging

Maybe you don’t have a blog, but you have one of the following: a paper that just came out that you want to write a generalized blog about, a cool story or idea, a unique perspective, a strong opinion, or some cool research you want to share with the paleontology community. Why not write a guest post for PLOS Paleo! Contact us at and pitch us your idea! If we like it, you can write a guest post that will be posted here at PLOS Paleo! After all, this is a community page! Not every post has to be from the editors! We’d love to hear from you!

(Disclaimer: at this point we cannot provide monetary compensation for guest blog posts. But we may be able to swing a free PLOS t-shirt for guest blog posts! And not to mention getting your research or ideas out to the broader paleontology community!)

Fossil Friday Roundup

Not everyone is on Twitter, and not everyone is on Facebook. And even if you are on either (or both) sites, you still may not get all the news you want from those and other social media sources. Or papers come out that you might be interested in, but you may miss it until weeks later. And so many papers come out that it is impossible for us to feature all of them individually on PLOS Paleo.

So, what I’m hoping this feature will become is a weekly roundup of paleo papers that were published, blog posts from our site and others, paleontology in the news, and maybe some society news (upcoming meetings, deadlines, etc. for various paleontology meetings across the globe). You know, things that you might be interested in!

This might be a bit of a grandiose feature for Jon, Andy, and I to undertake, as it will involve us compiling important info for each week, so it might take some time for us to really getting it hopping. Your input will help! See something interesting or newsworthy on the internet or in the news, send it our way! Know of an upcoming conference or important deadline, tell us! If you don’t want to email us, you can also send it our way on Twitter by tagging us @PLOSPaleo on your tweet/retweet

PLOS Paleo Monthly Newsletter and Social Media

Lastly, sign up for our monthly newsletter, featuring our top picks for papers published in PLOS, news, blogs, and other resources, delivered straight to your inbox!

We at PLOS Paleo want to make this site the most useful source for news, reviews, tools, and everything else that is important to the paleontology community. Please help us be giving us your feedback, alerting us to research, papers, news, tools, etc. And follow us on Twitter and at Facebook!

Featured image: The ceratopsian phylogeny display at the Natural History Museum of Utah, host of the upcoming SVP meeting in Salt Lake City! Photo by Sarah Gibson.

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