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From the Community: GeneMods August Newsreel

This post can be originally found at this link, and is from the Northwestern University synthetic biology club called GeneMods. This is part of their monthly SynBio Newsreel.

Synbio community news:

Industry news:

Books and Longreads

  • I just discovered BioCoder, a quarterly newsletter about synthetic biology from technology media company O’Reilly Media, and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Carl Zimmer gets his genome sequenced and analyzed by some of the best researchers in the field. A Game of Genomes chronicles his adventure. A must-read.
  • Ed Yong’s fantastic book about the microbes that precede, surround, live on, and comprise us, I Contain Multitudes, came out. I cannot recommend enough that you get your hands (or ears, it’s on Audible!) on this book.

Now, onto the research papers!

Protein engineering:

Genetic circuits:

CRISPR/Gene Editing:

Metabolic Engineering

Building biology to understand it

  1. The limits to the amount of functional DNA imposed by evolutionary mutation to selection ratio limits show that organisms cannot be as complicated as the bioluddites claim. The fact that evolution happens also mean that the essentialistic bioluddite ramblings of “mechanisms not being transferrable between species” are false alarm. There is lots of hope for genetic engineering! Perhaps we should build permanent researcher dwellings on international water.

    In addition to negligible senescence technology, making brain cells resistent to death from no oxygen is a major protector from death by accidents.

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