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Fossil Friday Roundup: January 12, 2018

Featured Image: Diluvicursor pickeringi gen. et sp. nov. holotype (NMV P221080), middle caudal vertebrae. From Herne et al. (2017), CC-BY.

Papers (All Open Access):

  • New Research at Paisley Caves: Applying New Integrated Analytical Approaches to Understanding Stratigraphy, Taphonomy and Site Formation Processes (PaleoAmerica)
  • Comparison of genetic variation between northern and southern populations of Lilium cernuum(Liliaceae): Implications for Pleistocene refugia (PLOS ONE)
  • A botanical mystery solved by phylogenetic analysis of botanical garden collections: the rediscovery of the presumed-extinct Dracaena umbraculifera (Oryx)
  • A Triassic-Jurassic window into the evolution of Lepidoptera (Science Advances)
  • New eurymeline leafhoppers (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Eurymelinae) from Eocene Baltic amber with notes on other fossil Cicadellidae (Zookeys)
  • The first fossil brown lacewing from the Miocene of the Tibetan Plateau (Neuroptera, Hemerobiidae) (Zookeys)
  • Large dendrinids meet giant clam: the bioerosion trace fossil Neodendrina carnelia igen. et isp. n. in a Tridacna shell from Pleistocene–Holocene coral reef deposits, Red Sea, Egypt (Fossil Record)
  • The old and the new plankton: ecological replacement of associations of mollusc plankton and giant filter feeders after the Cretaceous? (PeerJ)
  • Late Oligocene–Miocene non-lunulate sand dollars of South America: Revision of abertellid taxa and descriptions of two new families, two new genera, and a new species (Zootaxa)
  • A new species of Cretalamna sensu stricto (Lamniformes, Otodontidae) from the Late Cretaceous (Santonian-Campanian) of Alabama, USA (PeerJ)
  • Phylogenomic Perspective on the Relationships and Evolutionary History of the Major Otocephalan Lineages (Scientific Reports)
  • Tetrapod distribution and temperature rise during the Permian–Triassic mass extinction (ProcB)
  • Habitat use in south-west European skinks (genus Chalcides) (PeerJ)
  • A new small-bodied ornithopod (Dinosauria, Ornithischia) from a deep, high-energy Early Cretaceous river of the Australian–Antarctic rift system (PeerJ)
  • A revised cranial description of Massospondylus carinatus Owen (Dinosauria: Sauropodomorpha) based on computed tomographic scans and a review of cranial characters for basal Sauropodomorpha (PeerJ)
  • Stat-tracks and mediotypes: powerful tools for modern ichnology based on 3D models (PeerJ)
  • Theropod assemblages and a new ichnotaxon Gigandipus chiappei ichnosp. nov. from the Jiaguan Formation, Lower Cretaceous of Guizhou Province, China (Geoscience Frontiers)
  • Late Miocene (Early Turolian) vertebrate faunas and associated biotic record of the Northern Caucasus: Geology, palaeoenvironment, biochronology (Fossil Imprint)
  • The mammalian fauna of Barová Cave (Moravian Karst, the Czech Republic) (Fossil Imprint)
  • A new species of Plesiosorex (Mammalia, Eulipotyphla) from the Early Miocene of Japan: first record of the genus from East Asia (Fossil Imprint)
  • Democricetodon fejfari sp. nov. and replacement of Cricetidae by Muridae in Siwalik deposits of Pakistan (Fossil Imprint)
  • Genus Apodemus in the Pleistocene of Central Europe: when did the extant taxa appear? (Fossil Imprint)
  • Comments on the age and dispersal of Microtoscoptini (Rodentia: Cricetidae) (Fossil Imprint)
  • Phylogeography of screaming hairy armadillo Chaetophractus vellerosus: Successive disjunctions and extinctions due to cyclical climatic changes in southern South America (PLOS ONE)
  • A new, large-bodied omnivorous bat (Noctilionoidea: Mystacinidae) reveals lost morphological and ecological diversity since the Miocene in New Zealand (Scientific Reports)
  • The new Early Miocene bat records from the Molasse sites of South Germany (Fossil Imprint)
  • Large Mammals from the Rupelian of Oman – Recent Finds (Fossil Imprint)
  • A new species of Chilotherium (Perissodactyla, Rhinocerotidae) from the Late Miocene of Qingyang, Gansu, China (Vertebrata PalAsiatica)
  • Revision of the European species of Prosantorhinus HEISSIG, 1974 (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Rhinocerotidae) (Fossil Imprint)
  • New hyaenodonts (Ferae, Mammalia) from the Early Miocene of Napak (Uganda), Koru (Kenya) and Grillental (Namibia) (Fossil Imprint)
  • First record of the “small cave bear” in Bulgaria and the taxonomic status of bears of the Ursus savini ANDREWS – Ursus rossicus BORISSIAK group (Fossil Imprint)
  • Anterior premolar variability in Pleistocene cave and brown bears and its significance in species determination (Fossil Imprint)
  • Taxonomic revision of bears from the locality Šandalja I (Croatia) and its biostratigraphic consequences (Fossil Imprint)
  • Shape Covariation (or the Lack Thereof) Between Vertebrae and Other Skeletal Traits in Felids: The Whole is Not Always Greater than the Sum of Parts (Evolutionary Biology)
  • Consumption of canid meat at the Gravettian Předmostí site, the Czech Republic (Fossil Imprint)
  • Population genomics of Mesolithic Scandinavia: Investigating early postglacial migration routes and high-latitude adaptation (PLOS ONE)
  • Everything is a question of time – the age of important Quaternary palaeontological finds from Westphalia (Fossil Imprint)
  • Modelling science trustworthiness under publish or perish pressure (RSOS)


  • Pelvic and femoral anatomy of the Allodaposuchidae (Crocodyliformes, Eusuchia) from the Late Cretaceous of Lo Hueco (Cuenca, Spain) (PaleorXiv)
  • Early evolution of sexual dimorphism and polygyny in Pinnipedia (PaleorXiv)
  • The biostratigraphic record of Early Cretaceous to Paleogene relative sea-level change in Jamaica (PaleorXiv)

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  • Apply Now For The 2018 Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award, Deadline Jan. 18, 2018 (Paleontological Society)
  • DinoFest 2018, Jan. 20–21, 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah (Link)
  • Paleontological Society Officer Nominations! Deadline January 31, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Nominations For Paleontological Society Award Or PS fellow! Deadlines February 1 and 21, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists Annual Meeting, St. George, Utah, Feb. 16–18, 2018, Abstract Deadline January 12, 2018 (Link)
  • Nominations For A Student Representative To Council, deadline February 21, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Paleontological Society to Sponsor Summer Policy Intern at AGI, Application deadline March 1, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Lyell Meeting 2018: Mass extinctions – understanding the world’s worst crises (Link)
  • 2018 AIBS Congressional Visits Day In Washington, DC, April 17-18, 2018 (Paleontological Society)
  • Trekking Across the GOBE: From the Cambrian through the Katian, IGCP 653 Annual Meeting, June 3-7, 2018, Athens, Ohio, USA (Link)
  • North American Paleontological Convention June 23–27 2019 (Link)

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