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Fossil Friday Roundup: May 4, 2018

Featured Image: Citipati osmolskae, IGM 100/1004 in left lateral view. Anterior is to the left. From Norell et al. (2018).

Papers (All Open Access):

  • Quantifying the living fossil concept (PalaeoE)
  • Getting somewhere with the Red Queen: chasing a biologically modern definition of the hypothesis (Biology Letters)
  • Generalized conditions of spherical carbonate concretion formation around decaying organic matter in early diagenesis (Scientific Reports)
  • Reconstruction of the ancestral metazoan genome reveals an increase in genomic novelty (Nature Communications)
  • Ediacara biota flourished in oligotrophic and bacterially dominated marine environments across Baltica (Nature Communications)
  • A new phylogeny-based tribal classification of subfamily Detarioideae, an early branching clade of florally diverse tropical arborescent legumes (Scientific Reports)
  • Aridity drives plant biogeographical sub regions in the Caatinga, the largest tropical dry forest and woodland block in South America (PLOS ONE)
  • The ‘Last Hurrah of the Reigning Darwinulocopines’? Ostracoda (Arthropoda, Crustacea) from the Lower Jurassic Moenave Formation, Arizona and Utah, USA (Journal of Paleontology)
  • A phylogenetic analysis of the Primnoidae (Anthozoa: Octocorallia: Calcaxonia) with analyses of character evolution and a key to the genera and subgenera (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
  • Facial bone fragmentation in blind cavefish arises through two unusual ossification processes (Scientific Reports)
  • Osseous anomalies of the cryptobranchid Eoscapherpeton asiaticum (Amphibia: Caudata) from the Late Cretaceous of Uzbekistan (Fossil Record)
  • The first record of a trionychid turtle (Testudines: Trionychidae) from the Cretaceous of the Pacific Coast of North America (VAMP)
  • A second specimen of Citipati osmolskae associated with a nest of eggs from Ukhaa Tolgod, Omnogov Aimag, Mongolia. (American Museum novitates)
  • Phylogenetic signal in tooth wear dietary niche proxies (Ecology and Evolution)
  • Fossil Focus: Thalattosuchia (Palaeontology[Online])
  • A new bat record for the late Pleistocene of Jamaica: Pteronotus trevorjacksoni from the Red Hills Road Cave (Caribbean Journal of Earth Sciences)
  • Functional and Phylogenetic Aspect in Modularity of Palearctic Mustelids (Carnivora, Mustelidae) Mandible (Vestnik Zoologii)
  • New proboscidean fossils from Middle Siwaliks of Haritalyangar area, Himachal Pradesh, India (PalaeoE)
  • First anatomical network analysis of fore- and hindlimb musculoskeletal modularity in bonobos, common chimpanzees, and humans (Scientific Reports)
  • Sporadic sampling, not climatic forcing, drives observed early hominin diversity (PNAS)
  • Assessing the significance of Palaeolithic engraved cortexes. A case study from the Mousterian site of Kiik-Koba, Crimea (PLOS ONE)
  • No progress on diversity in 40 years (Nature Comment)

Pre-Prints and Post-Prints:

  • Influence of different modes of morphological character correlation on phylogenetic tree inference (bioRXiv)
  • Revising the species “Mustela” ardea Gervais, 1848-1852 (Mammalia, Mustelidae): Martellictis gen. nov. and the systematics of the fossil “Galictinae” of Eurasia (PaleorXiv)

Community Events, Society Updates, and Resources:


  • 11th Annual SeAVP Conference, May 23–27, 2018, North Carolina (Link)
  • Trekking Across the GOBE: From the Cambrian through the Katian, IGCP 653 Annual Meeting, June 3-7, 2018, Athens, Ohio, USA (Link)
  • European Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists Annual Meeting, Caprica, June 26–July 1, 2018 (Link)
  • 5th International Palaeontological Congress (IPC5), July 9–13, 2018, France (Link)
  • 78th Annual Meeting, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP), October 17–20, 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico (Link)
  • 2018 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, November 4–7, 2018, Indianapolis, Indiana (Link)
  • North American Paleontological Convention June 23–27 2019 (Link)


  • The PLOS ONE Early Career Researcher Travel Awards in the Physical Sciences, Multiple Deadlines (Link)

News and Views:

Animals and Anatomy:

Methods and Musings:

Museums, Folks and Fieldwork:

Art, books, culture, and fun:

  • Eberth and Evans’s Hadrosaurs, a Book Review, Part 2 (Tetrapod Zoology)
  • Unicorns, dragons, monsters and giants: palaeoart before palaeontology (Mark Witton)
  • Review: The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: The Untold Story of a Lost World by Steve Brusatte — more terrifying than Jurassic Park (Link)
  • Action man! Steve White on Dinosaurs! (Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs)
  • Book Review – Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past (The Inquisitive Biologist)
  • Coming Soon in 2018: Katrina Van Grouw’s Unnatural Selection (Tetrapod Zoology)
  • Book Review — The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: The Untold Story of a Lost World (The Inquisitive Biologist)

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