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Fossil Friday Roundup: October 26, 2018

Featured Image: Comparison of the neural spine of Maraapunisaurus fargillimus restored as a rebbachisaurid (A), and the dorsal vertebrae of Rebbachisaurus garasbae (B), and Histriasaurus boscarollii (C). Increments on scale bars = 10 cm. From Carpenter (2018), CC-BY.

Papers (All Open Access):

  • Modelling determinants of extinction across two Mesozoic hyperthermal events (ProcB)
  • The inseparability of sampling and time and its influence on attempts to unify the molecular and fossil records (Paleobiology)
  • Redox-dependent niche differentiation provides evidence for multiple bacterial sources of glycerol tetraether lipids in lakes (PNAS)
  • Temporal and spatial characteristics of sediment sources on the southern Yangtze Shoal over the Holocene (Scientific Reports)
  • What is an archaeon and are the Archaea really unique? (PeerJ)
  • Two New Species of Protocedroxylon Gothan (Pinaceae) from the Middle Jurassic of Eastern Inner Mongolia, NE China (Acta Geologica Sinica)
  • Mid-Cretaceous Hothouse Climate and the Expansion of Early Angiosperms (Acta Geologica Sinica)
  • Middle Miocene climate of southwestern Anatolia from multiple botanical proxies (Climate of the Past)
  • Systematic revision and phylogenetic assessment of the foraminiferal family Globivalvulinidae (APP)
  • Three, two, one! Revision of the long-bodied sphaerodorids (Sphaerodoridae, Annelida) and synonymization of Ephesiella, Ephesiopsis and Sphaerodorum (PeerJ)
  • Revision of the lacewing genus Laccosmylus with two new species from the Middle Jurassic of China (Insecta, Neuroptera, Saucrosmylidae) (ZooKeys)
  • A new fossil species of Euroleptochromus Jałoszyński (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae) from Eocene Baltic amber (Zootaxa)
  • A redescription of Tesseraspis mosaica Karatajūtė-Talimaa, 1983 (Vertebrata: †Pteraspidomorphi: Heterostraci) from the Lochkovian (Lower Devonian) of Severnaya Zemlya, Russia, with a review of tessellated heterostracan taxa (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Acanthodians from the Lower Devonian (Emsian) ‘Placoderm Sandstone’, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • The Early Devonian ischnacanthiform acanthodian Ischnacanthus gracilis (Egerton, 1861)from the Midland Valley of Scotland (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • A new aspinothoracid arthrodire from the Late Devonian of Ohio, U.S.A. (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • A preliminary note of egg-case oviparityin a Devonian placoderm fish (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Stem chondrichthyan microfossils from the Lower Old Red Sandstone of the Welsh Borderland (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Vascular structure of the earliest shark teeth (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Symmoriiform sharks from the Pennsylvanian of Nebraska (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • A revision of Campyloprion Eastman, 1902 (Chondrichthyes, Helicoprionidae), including new occurrences from the Upper Pennsylvanian of New Mexico and Texas, USA (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Orthacanthus platypternus (Cope, 1883) (Chondrichthyes: Xenacanthiformes) teeth and other isolated vertebrate remains from a single horizon in the early Permian (Artinskian) Craddock Bonebed, lower Clear Fork Group, Baylor County, Texas, USA (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • A review of Silurian fishes from north-western Hunan, China and related biostratigraphy (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Evolution of the facial musculature in basal ray-finned fishes (Frontiers in Zoology)
  • Middle Devonian thelodont Australolepis sp. (Thelodonti) from the Skały Formation, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Creating functional groups of marine fish from categorical traits (PeerJ)
  • Ice ages and butterflyfishes: Phylogenomics elucidates the ecological and evolutionary history of reef fishes in an endemism hotspot (Ecology and Evolution)
  • Evolution of African barbs from the Lake Victoria drainage system, Kenya (PeerJ)
  • A phylogenomic approach to reconstruct interrelationships of main clupeocephalan lineages with a critical discussion of morphological apomorphies (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
  • New materials on Ventalepis ketleriensis Schultze, 1980 extend the zoogeographic area of a Late Devonian vertebrate assemblage (Acta Geologica Polonica)
  • Follow the footprints and mind the gaps: a new look at the origin of tetrapods (EESTRSE)
  • The First Vertebrate Assemblage Dominated by Fishes and Turtles of the Jehol Biota in Jilin Province, NE China (Acta Geologica Sinica)
  • Two new finds of turtle remains from the Danian and Selandian (Paleocene) deposits of Denmark with evidence of predation by crocodilians and sharks (Bull. Geol. Soc. Denmark)
  • Systematic revision of the living African Slender-snouted Crocodiles (Mecistops Gray, 1844) (Zootaxa)
  • Pathological survey on Temnodontosaurus from the Early Jurassic of southern Germany (PLOS ONE)
  • Evolution and Development of the Atrial Septum (Anatomical Record)
  • Vertebral morphometrics and lung structure in non-avian dinosaurs (RSOS)
  • Maraapunisaurus fragillimus, N.G. (formerly Amphicoelias fragillimus), a basal Rebbachisaurid from the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Colorado (Geology of the Intermountain West)
  • The first specimen of Archaeopteryx from the Upper Jurassic Mörnsheim Formation of Germany (Historical Biology)
  • Building a Bird: Musculoskeletal Modeling and Simulation of Wing-Assisted Incline Running During Avian Ontogeny (Frontiers In Bioengineering and Biotechnology)
  • The effect of long-term atmospheric changes on the macroevolution of birds (Gondwana Research)
  • A test of the European Pleistocene refugial paradigm, using a Western Palaearctic endemic bird species (ProcB)
  • Multi-modal signal evolution in birds: re-examining a standard proxy for sexual selection (ProcB)
  • A new protodidelphid (Mammalia, Marsupialia, Didelphimorphia) from the Itaboraí Basin and its implications for the evolution of the Protodidelphidae (An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc.)
  • Limb bone scaling in hopping macropods and quadrupedal artiodactyls (RSOS)
  • Miocene biome turnover drove conservative body size evolution across Australian vertebrates (ProcB)
  • First occurrence of Duboisia (Bovidae, Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from Thailand (Fossil Record)
  • Historical biogeography of the leopard (Panthera pardus) and its extinct Eurasian populations (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
  • Pre-Solutrean rock art in southernmost Europe: Evidence from Las Ventanas Cave (Andalusia, Spain) (PLOS ONE)
  • Pre-Clovis projectile points at the Debra L. Friedkin site, Texas—Implications for the Late Pleistocene peopling of the Americas (Science Advances)

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Community Events, Society Updates, and Resources:


  • 2018 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, November 4–7, 2018, Indianapolis, Indiana (Link)
  • 1st Palaeontological Virtual Congress, December 1–15, 2018 (Link)
    • The 1st Palaeontological Virtual Congress: new abstract deadline, and registration payment methods (SVPOW)
  • North American Paleontological Convention June 23–27 2019 (Link)


News and Views:

Animals and Anatomy:

  • Guest Post: Brittle Star Arms Are Weird (What’s in John’s Freezer)
  • Early tetrapod feeding (Musings of a Clumsy Paleontologist)
  • A Climate Catastrophe Paved the Way for the Dinosaurs’ Reign (The Atlantic)
  • First fossil lungs found in dinosaur-era bird (NatGeo)
  • T. rex pulverized bones with an incredible amount of force (Link)
  • What if Amphicoelias fragillimus was a rebbachisaurid? (SVPOW)
  • Some noodling about pneumaticity and body size (SVPOW)
  • The Best Time for Breeding (Synapsida)
  • The myth of New Zealand’s predator-free history (Noted)

Methods and Musings:

Featured Folks, Fieldwork, and Museums:

  • Sandy Kawano, Comparative Physiologist and Biomechanist (Time Scavengers)
  • An interview with Katrina van Grouw, author and artist of The Unfeathered Bird and Unnatural Selection (Mark Witton)
  • A Smithsonian Dino-Celebrity Finally Tells All (Smithsonian)
  • The Big Patreon Announcement (LITC)
  • Death of a Fossil Hunter (SciAm)
  • Interview with Brian Engh (Archosaur Musings)
  • SVP 2018 (Raptormaniacs)

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